About Me

I’ve always wanted to be an artist, even when I was a young girl. I literally drew on everything, especially my school papers, which my teachers were not too happy with! Imagine that!  I had artistic vision through my own art, even then and I have always had an eye for realism and the patience for detail. A relative who is a great artist saw something special in me as a child, so she encouraged me to develop my natural talent. 

I have carried that with me for a long time. 

I became the mother of two, Jennifer and Michael, at a young age and ended up supporting my family by myself. I knew I was an artist but I kept putting it off to earn an income. I did draw and paint in different mediums off and on, but mainly for fun. I was an entrepreneur throughout my life, starting a graphic art business for 25 years and then later owning a traditional Italian coffeehouse and bakery in a beautiful mountain lake town in northern California. I LOVE to cook and I have always felt that food is a three dimensional art in itself, balance, color and texture, truly one of my passions! 

My beautiful daughter Jennifer had a natural talent as well, the white pastel on black board portrait of me gracing my website is her incredible art! She never finished it because she passed away while serving in the Army, so it is a very special piece to me. My life took a huge detour away from "me" and my art for quite a few years after that painful time. A good friend of mine actually forced me to paint one day by bringing paper and watercolor to my house, which I had never tried watercolor before, and she told me "now paint!" I did.... and it was so wonderful! I have a series of eight watercolors from that time and I will be forever grateful!

My son and I eventually moved from that mountain community to my current place of residence in Las Vegas Nevada. I met the love of my life and I married him and through this love I felt the feeling, THE feeling! I needed to paint! And if not now… then when? So now, 45 years later, I am the artist I was meant to be and I get to share it with the world!

Painting is emotional for me. I paint anything that excites me and makes me "feel" an emotion! I use layering and soft brush strokes in order to create a realistic visual impression. I make all my own oil paint by mixing organic pigment and organic walnut oil, and the actual feeling starts then with the creation of color. I choose different subjects because this world has so many beautiful things to paint! I can not be held to one type of category. I love to paint what I am feeling with each individual subject.

 I have painted as Mary Silva and you may notice this on some of my earlier work. 

I have also learned that art heals! When you create it and when you admire it. I love to donate my prints to healing causes and silent auctions to raise money for those in need...animal, human or environmental!

Someone once told me that “the first rule of painting is... there are no rules!” Be free and create beauty, only the way that YOU can!